Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome to the first of many blogs to come. Just as a little taste, we've posted a few of Alec and Krystal's engagement photos that we took while down in La Jolla, California. As is usual when dealing with the elements, we took a truck load of photos trying to capture that perfect moment when the waves crashed just so against the rocky shore. The photos turned out great.

The one down side was a sneaker-wave that assaulted us, particularly me. I just happened to be standing in the low spot on the cove-beach. The wave jumped up over my waist and I quickly hoisted the camera above my head to save it from a salty-wet fate. The camera is fine. But I was uncomfortable for the next few hours waddling around in salt-water drenched jeans. I had sand in my pockets! But the photos were great. C'est la vie.

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